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MSBOA B&O Festival - Shelby Site


Shelby Public Schools, 641 North State Street, Shelby, Michigan 49455

Curt Isakson Director of Bands - Erin Ray Assistant Director of Bands


We welcome you to the Shelby site for the District One MSBOA Band Orchestra Festival on March 3rd and 4th. We hope to provide you with a smooth and successful event!

All bands should arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of warmup time. All bands will enter through the Athletic Entrance and buses should park in the back of the student parking on the south side of the building. All percussion will need to be loaded in through the front entrance and stored in the glass hallway adjacent to the auditorium. Please sign in at the Headquarters (the counseling office). The coat/instrument room is one section of the gym. Students may then use the cafeteria area to wait for the warmup room. Please be aware that we have school in session and the cafeteria will have students for lunch at 11:00 and at 12:00.

There will be concessions each day with a variety of items offered. If your band is planning on using this for lunch, please email me to ensure we have enough for the right time.

Your warmup is in the library. We will have a setup crew there. You will then proceed to the auditorium along the outside hallway to the auditorium. There are no student guides, but we will have students in every room guiding you along with times and directions.

Performance is in the auditorium and we do have a staff to help you set up. Please email us with your layout early. We have four timpani, bass drum, chimes, bell, marimba, vibes, etc. All mallets, cymbals, snares should be your own and well marked. Percussion that you brought should then be stored outside the bandroom/auditorium hall and picked up through that door.

Sight-reading will be in the band room, and we have all the required percussion in there as well. You will then proceed back to the gym.

Posting for the events will be just outside the bandroom next to the gym.

Thank you for coming to Shelby and if you have any concerns or questions, please email me at or call at 231-282-0389. All information is also available on our website

Curt Isakson

Erin Ray

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