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Leadership opportunity from Brandon Ivie, District 2

  1. Colleagues,

  2. I have been in contact with Scott Lang Leadership about hosting a leadership workshop this spring in Boyne City.  While nothing is in stone yet, I need to see what kind of interest there would be in attending this workshop.  Details below.  The workshop would be of value to current leaders, future leaders, and even any band member that is going to pay attention (not be a problem).  Who knows, it could be the spark within a student that you didn’t even realize would be interested.  You can read more about his workshops at

  3. No commitment needed at this time but I do need to know if you are interested.  If interested in pursuing this further, please send me an email at with answers to the following:

  4. Would you be more likely to participate with up to 40 students at $550 or a “pay-per-head” format of $20 per person (minimum 10 students)?Which of the following would or would not work for coming to Boyne CityMid AprilMid to late MayEarly JuneWeekday (during school)WeekendApproximately how many students do you think you would bring?

  5. I hope you will consider being part of this.  I’m sure it would be a good investment in your program’s future!

  6. Brandon Ivie

  7. Boyne City


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