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Happy New Year!!

Whether you are already back at school or not, I hope you all had a chance to relax and enjoy some down time over break - I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting next week!

Speaking of the meeting...

If I did it right, the link below will take you to a document titled "MSBOA Talking Points - MYAF". There continues to be concern over the management and execution of the MYAF and this document provides some background and information regarding the current state of things. We will be talking about it at the meeting, and I will be asking for your thoughts and opinions to take back to the State Executive Board meeting on 1/15. I will also have hard copies available at the meeting.

Officers and committee heads, please remember to get me your reports as soon as possible. I'll be at Honors Band Tuesday if you want to bring it there. Also, please make sure to record any financial information in your reports.

Thanks so much, and see you soon!


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