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From Charles...

Good Morning Charles,

Would you be willing to share information regarding the session that I'm having with Larry Ditmar at the MMC Friday morning. Larry has done a tremendous amount of work for MSBOA over the years and this is a unique opportunity for us to recognize a true legendary music educator in our state. I want to be sure that MSBOA members are aware of the session and extend an invitation to attend.

Dear MSBOA Members,

I would like to extend an invitation to you to attend the MMC session with Larry Ditmar this Friday January 17, 9:00am in the Grand View Room. Larry's contribution to MSBOA and to music education have been numerous, and he continues to inspire and motivate music educators at all levels. 

The session will be a conversation with Larry, and an opportunity to learn from his experiences, and to honor his contributions. I hope you can make this session a part of your conference.

Michigan Living Legacies - Reflections in Retirement - a Conversation with Larry Dittmar by Rick Catherman, Chelsea (MI) High School Bands Room: Amway - Grand View, Time Slot: 09:00 AM Fri 01/17/20Abstract: This session will feature a conversation (including questions from attendees) with Larry Dittmar (former music teacher in the Ann Arbor School District, most prominently at Huron High School), an exemplary educator who has continued to serve students and the profession well into his retirement. Mr. Dittmar has established himself as a true ambassador of music, and has traveled to Kenya where he has established school bands and orchestras, and has advanced music education across that country.

Thank you.

Rick Catherman

Chelsea HS Director of Bands

Former MSBOA District 12 President

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