Director's Band?

Hey everyone -

Thanks for a great day at Solo and Ensemble yesterday. Special thanks to Mike and Andrea for everything you do to make the day run smoothly!

I know this idea has been floated around for several years now...if your students are going to be attending All Star Band, how about putting together a 'director's band' to serenade them at lunch? Nothing fancy, I'm thinking we all bring our instruments and between now and then maybe sharing out some ensemble music that we could sight-read/put together with minimal practice time to entertain the kiddos while they eat. Of course, there may be some interesting instrument substitutions and transposing that may need to happen, but I think it would be fun for them and for us. :)

If you're interested, just let me know. I'm thinking we could create a Google folder for music distribution (or just bring that day) and we can spend some time together that day doing what we love!



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