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A couple of mistakes!

First, I want to apologize for the billing thing the other night. It seems that the manager, who expected 25 people to eat, upcharged from the 16.95 stated price to make up the difference! I feel really badly that this happened and wish she had spoken to me before doing this...I guess I won't reserve Clam Lake next year?!?!?!!!

Expect an email with the Google Form for All Star Band.

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Look in your google drive for the video from Tuesday. If you for some reason didn't get it please email me and I will re-share!!!

All Star Band

Did anyone record the All Star Band Tuesday evening? Would you be willing to share if so? Tom Thomas


Does anyone happen to have an old concert tuba laying around they are not using this year? I have 3 players and 2 instruments in my MS band and the thought of mixing in a plastic sousaphone fills me


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